Hillcrest Family Services

Anna B. Lawther Academy: Adolescent Residential Education

When hope seems lost that an education is not possible for a struggling student, the Anna B. Lawther Academy (formerly Hillcrest Adolescent Residential Education) is the answer. We have helped hundreds of youth turn around their lives and graduate or return to their school when it wasn’t thought possible. When other doors are closed, ours are open to help.

Delivering on two of the Six Promises — Safe Places and Effective Education — the Anna B. Lawther Academy embodies the ideals of Anna B. Lawther, a leader in the women’s suffrage movement, but importantly a charter member of the Hillcrest board at its founding in 1914. Naming our education services after Lawther is an acknowledgement of Hillcrest’s rich history of tailoring education to students who require specialized behavioral care and mentoring.

Under the umbrella of the Anna B. Lawther Academy, Hillcrest operates five residential education homes offering behavioral health intervention services, vocational programming, child welfare services, therapy and counseling, and wrap-around services such as intensive psychiatric rehabilitation services for those who qualify. All of these residential education homes are located in Dubuque and serve youth who are CINA, delinquent or voluntarily placed in treatment.

Reflections is our on-campus home that Hillcrest offers free to families when visiting resident students.

All facilities (except Reflections) are fully staffed and include a program manager, residential counselor, youth care workers and night monitors. A consulting psychiatrist, psychologist and LPHA are available to all clients. Our fully accredited Anna B. Lawther Academy K-12 school is available for those participants who are weighted 3.74 Behaviorally Disordered by their sending school district or area education agency, and for all participants of the New Hope and Molitore programs.

Hillcrest’s adolescent residential education homes are also served by a chaplain. Hillcrest has a long tradition of providing a Vespers service, Bible study and other spiritual activities as part of its services.

Referrals to Anna B. Lawther Academy can be made by the Iowa Department of Human Services or by request of family members of the potential student.

For further information concerning the programs, contact the Admissions Case Manager at (563) 583-7357; Toll free 877-437-6333 or email carrie.preston@hillcrest-fs.org

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